Foods that can make you dumber

We consume foods because it serves as fuel to our body. We want to make sure that we eat the right kinds of foods, specifically those that are still fresh because rotten foods can cause stomach aches and etc. But what we don’t realise is that even though we eat and drink fresh and edible foods some have the ability to make us dumber. Here are the foods and drinks that have that ability.

The first is caffeine, unintentionally when drinking coffee we allow ourselves to be prone to manic disorders or panic attacks. Next is MSG which has a negative impact on our brain. Processed foods and pre-cooked foods affect our brain in a way that has a negative impact on our behaviour and cognitive functions. Consuming a high amount of salt can cause faster cognitive decline at old age. Sugar can also add to slow brain cells. These are some of the foods that can cause your brain to lessen its ability avoid them as much as possible.

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