How to Confidently Convince Anyone of Anything

There will come a time in everyone’s life where they will need to convince someone of something. You may need help from someone. You may need someone to help others. You may simply want someone to agree with your point of view. Whatever the case may be, a time will come when convincing someone will be important to you.

Believe It Yourself

If you want someone to believe something you must believe it first. This is more than just a verbal statement. It has to be an action. You cannot tell a child that smoking is bad, for example, if you have a smoking addiction. A child is much more likely to follow the action that your statements. If you want someone to believe you must first believe – at least pretend to believe – it yourself.

Get the Facts

Sometimes your words are just words until documentation is presented to support it. This is how lawyers win cases. Evidence becomes a nail in the coffin that supersedes any verbal testimony. Any type of video footage is a plus. You can make people believe it if you show them something that their eyes cannot deny. The imagery becomes embedded in their brains right along with the statements you speak. The combination of factual evidence and your words combine to become that person’s truth. You might want to check out our homepage at

Smoke and Mirrors

Lawyers can win cases with the truth, but they can also win by avoiding the truth. If you don’t have facts admit that you don’t have facts. There’s no need to try to create lies that won’t stick. Instead, avoid the truth once you present your case. If you want someone to believe that you are sick when you call in to work you need a diversion. Call in, state that you are sick and change the subject before anyone can ask you what is wrong with you. You avoid the dilemma of making up a lie that entraps you. It is always easier to throw out what you want people to believe and camouflage it with other things.

Block Out All Other Interference

When you want to get a person to believe anything you have to consider your outside forces. Try telling someone that their favorite restaurant is closed. To this as you drive them past this restaurant and a full parking lot of paying customers. It will not work. When you tell someone something you must block out the interference of outside sources. This may be the Internet. This may be the television. It may be a newspaper. Do what you have to do to stay at the center of attention.

Let Them Know How It Benefits Them

Sometimes you can appeal to a person by showing them the benefits of believing. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting something from the deal. No one wants to believe something that doesn’t do anything for them. The best way to break a person from bad habits involves the revealing of the reward.