How To Deal With Test Stress

Every student will eventually have to face one of the toughest days of the school year: test day. In the days prior, many of them will study their little heads off in hopes of passing with at least a C. Despite all the preparation, many of these same students will succumb to pressure as soon as the test is on their desks. Some will completely freeze up and forget what they know. Some may begin to shake or sweat. Others may even feel the urge to pass out or vomit. All of these symptoms are tell-tale indicators that a student is suffering from test anxiety. While it is a common occurrence, there are several ways to manage it.

Be Good to Your Body
During test preparation, most students are only focused on their brains. However, the brain will not function properly if the body that holds it is not properly serviced. Test-takers will greatly reduce the chance of encountering test anxiety if they eat a balanced diet and get a good night’s rest.

Study Well
This suggestion is one that probably goes without saying. However, many people experience test anxiety because they are not properly prepared for the exam. Many students attempt to cram weeks worth of information into a 24-hour study session. This lack of preparation leaves them wide open for the experience of anxiety on test day. Alternatively, students should spread out the study material throughout the semester and simply review that same information leading up to test day.

Do A Practice Run
The style of study is an important factor in feeling prepared for an exam. Many teachers provide their students with an exam format with this in mind. Students who know that they will be taking a multiple choice exam, for example, can prepare by knowing all possible answers to questions. Students who know that their exam will be an essay can prepare by laying out an outline for possible topics. These techniques reduce anxiety because they give students a practice run on neutral territory.

Think Positively
Thoughts are very powerful things considering they are not tangible. They have the ability to lead a person to the highs of success or the lows of despair. Test-takers must keep this in mind and believe in their ability to do well. By merely silencing negative voices in their head, test-takers will remove unnecessary pressure and, consequentially, be able to have a better performance.

Learn To Relax
Even the most prepared student will experience a hint of anxiety from time to time. In this situation, the student will do well by calming his or her nerves. One of the best ways to do this is to practice controlled breathing techniques. Simply taking long deep breaths has the ability to relax muscles, calm the nerves and clear the mind. Maybe you just need a doctor’s note, go here to get one.

Seek Outside Help
Some students experience anxiety so severe that it is impossible for them to control it on their own. In such a case, these individuals need to seek out the help of a teacher or trained counselor. These people will be able to help students explore and understand the cause of their anxiety. With this information, students will be equipped with tools that will reduce their levels of stress.

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