Doctor’s Excuses: Extend Your Vacation With No Negative Results

Paradise is a note away..

You are coming to the close of an amazing vacation and you sure are not ready to go back to work.  However, your boss is well aware of your plans, and if you do not return on Monday, he will never believe you were sick!  There is an answer.  What if, while you were gone, you became horribly ill?  Depending on where you went on your vacation, it could be food related, a contagious illness, or emotional exhaustion from the long flight and time change.  Whatever the case, you can easily use a fake doctor’s note that will explain to your manager, without question, that you are stuck in whatever city you have been vacationing in for a few more days until you are better.  In fact, you may even be in the hospital; you can find doctor’s excuses for hospital stays as well.

Take The Right Steps To Create The Perfect Doctor’s Notes

As you search online for the perfect doctor’s excuses template, remember that you need your excuse to be authentic looking, appropriate to the region where you are, and verifiable.  You will want to check out a few free doctor’s forms and consider the repercussions of each.  For example, an emergency room visit for a sprained ankle might not buy you much time, and you would have to return to school or work with a limp or crutches.  On the other hand, a medical excuse that explains that you were hit with a bout of food poisoning, the time period would be unspecified, and it would understandable when you return completely healthy.

The Details Are What Make The Doctor’s Excuses Look Real

There is a reason you must search for fake doctor’s slips online instead of just writing them up yourself.  Authentic medical slips are written on letterhead, sometimes prescription pads, and are signed.  These are not often typical 8 ½ by 11 sheets of paper, but rather pages of a notepad that are pre printed.  When you look for fake drs  excuses, you should make sure that the letterhead looks professional, that the name reads something like “Dr. Robert Murray,” and has a verifiable address and phone number.  If you want to play it safe, you can back up your paperwork with additional forms, often available through the same supplier.

Why Do Fake Doctor’s Excuses Work?

There are several reason you can print out a free fake doctor’s notes and get away with your ruse.  First, if you do not miss a lot of work, your boss is not looking for something to be amiss.  He or she will accept your documentation, put it in your file, and move on.  Also, if you are careful about examining examples and options, your paperwork will give no one any reason to question it.  While websites that offer these products are fairly common, they are not well known to those who are not looking for them.  Therefore, most employers and school administrators will take them at face value. Read more about doctor’s notes here.

Privacy Laws Are On Your Side

Thanks to HIPAA laws, designed to protect the privacy of a patient, work and school administrators understand that they can do little to verify a note.  They will not be able to call the doctor and verify that you were seen, because medical professionals are not allowed to share that information.  This stops most employers from even trying to check excuses, allowing you to take your time off in peace.