Legitimate Reasons To Use Doctor’s Notes

Doctor’s notes sound like sleazy tools for lazy people to get a day off, but there are lots of legitimate reasons for individuals to use them, and in the long run, they can be effective tools for some who are trapped in a no win situation. Of course, a college student can easily  a hospital stay so he or she can get away with friends, but a dr note can help get an individual out of a jam just as easily.

A Doctor’s Note Can Legitimize A Real Illness

Not everyone can afford to see a doctor when they become ill. The illness is very real, but they stick it out at home rather than being seen or visiting a hospital emergency room. It an individual works for an employer who demands medical slips to excuse them from work, he or she could lose a day’s pay or even find themselves out of work without a doctor’s note. Obviously, this would not be fair, but an excuse that appears authentic can resolve the situation.

Use One When In Crisis

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to miss work that you do not want to share with

If you use a note, you gotta be legit. Using a cheesy one will be a dead giveaway.

your boss. The last thing you want to share at work is that your car was repossessed or that you had to bail your son out of jail. These are very real problems that will lead to a day or two of missed work. A  doctor’s form/note will ensure that you can keep your job or stay in school despite your turn of bad luck. In fact, these excuses can keep a very bad situation from becoming much worse. Authentic looking medical slips can give you the time you need to get things sorted out.

There Are Happy Reasons To Use Notes Too
So Sunday night, your daughter and her husband arrived unexpectedly to announce she is pregnant with your first grandchild. They can only stay until Tuesday morning, but you have to work on Monday. The answer is a quick search online for a few free doctor’s excuse examples. Once you find one that works for you, you can pull up a template, fill in the pertinent information, and print it out. Now you can spend the day with your daughter and hand in your doctor’s note on Tuesday morning.

Some Illnesses Can’t Be Covered By A Note
Sometimes you are sick or suffering, but there are no doctor’s notes available. For example, you would not see a doctor if you had a stomach virus. The illness is very real, but there will be no traditional excuse form available. You might suffer from depression or migraines, both of which are debilitating, but may not lead to your seeking a doctor’s care. A  doctor’s slip can excuse you from work without your needing to delve into the ugly details with your employer or teacher. You can find lots of samples from which to choose as you seek the right forms to excuse you from work. Or perhaps grab a fake doctor’s note. Go to our homepage here.