The Right Doctor’s Note For The Right Situation

When you think of a fake doctor’s note, you probably picture a brief hand written note from your family doctor, excusing you from work or school due to a necessary office visit. Perhaps you are sick; perhaps you are due for a colonoscopy or other screening. The doctor’s excuse note is short, concise, and effective. When you give your note to your employer or your teacher, you are excused from what you have missed, and you have time to make up your work. This pretty much sums up the concept, but if you really want to use a dr excuse and be believed, you may need to put a little more thought into it.

Not All Notes Are Created Equal

A bout with the flu is not considered enough to miss work anymore, and chances are, you would not normally bring in a doctor’s note for something so common. If you take a look on line at all the free excuse examples available, you will see that you can take the concept of a fake doctor’s note much further than the simple note from Dr. Jones down the street. Remember that “the devil is in the details,” meaning that your note will be far more believable if it is a little more creative.

Fake Doctor’s Notes From Specialists

There are a few issues that employers will not challenge for a variety of reasons. Women with paperwork from their obstetricians/gynecologists will have to answer very few questions, especially if their bosses are male. Employers are also loath to question anything to do with the heart or cancer prevention, so documentation from cardiologists and oncologists are also sure things. Stress tests, screenings, as well as emergency room treatments for chest pains or irregular heart beats are generally accepted amicably, as long as they are not overused.

Know Your Malady Before Turning It In

While privacy laws prevent your teacher or employer from gathering medical information about you from a hospital or clinic, they do not prevent them from asking questions. Before you fill in your doctor’s notes template with a diagnosis, you must be sure you have some knowledge of the subject. An innocent question like, “What medication did the doctor give you?” can give you away if you are not prepared. While it is not advisable to offer a lot of unsolicited information along with your paperwork, you must be prepared to answer questions and complete your ruse in a believable fashion. Visit here to learn more.

Does It Make Sense?

As you choose the medical forms and doctor’s slips that you will use, think about your age, your gender, your overall health, and so on. You want the doctor’s excuse to be from a doctor you would realistically see, and it should list a diagnosis that would be realistic for you. Some illnesses are specific to gender or race, and others are unlikely due to vaccinations or previous medical conditions. For example, it is highly unlikely for an individual to have mono twice in their lives.