Top Reasons To Use A Free Doctor’s Excuse

Top Reasons To Use A Free Doctor’s Excuse

There is no end to the reasons that may lead you to use a free doctor’s excuse. In fact, if you have never thought of producing a doctor’s note to cover for a day off from school or work, sit back right now and think about those things you could do if you had a lifetime supply of medical documentation to back you up. We’re not talking about never going back to work, but rather taking those occasional days off that everyone needs to stay sane. Check this page out for some great doctor’s excuses.

Reason #1: The Day After

As we grow older, we learn to make better decisions; sometimes, however, we forget. Last night was ladies’ night and you had a few too many margaritas, or you went out with the guys and beers were only $1.00; you got your money’s worth. Now it is morning, and your head feels like it is filled with rocks, and your teeth are covered in little sweaters. You certainly cannot call your boss and tell him you have a hangover. You can, however, go online and pull up a template of a doctor’s note that states that you were treated for strep throat and will be cleared to return to work in 24 hours. One of these gives you the freedom to drink too much “just this one last time.”

Reason #2: Road Trip!

You are the only one of your friends with a Friday class, and they are headed for Chicago to see that band you all love. You are no longer in school, but you are the only one of your friends who cannot get the day after Thanksgiving off so you can all leave early to see that band you all love. Whether you are a student or an employee, a doctor’s slip detailing your trip to the emergency room will be enough to allow you to make up that test or keep your job for another week. In the meantime, you and your buddies had the time of your life.

Reason #3: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Holiday baking, decorating, and shopping are all part of this glorious season, but when you get home from work each night, you do not have the energy for any of it. Your boss will not want you at work when he learns that you have a contagious rash, and your fake doctor’s form from your dermatologist will confirm that you definitely needed to be out for three days until the medicine got that nasty thing under control! Your medical paperwork just might save your holiday spirit! Free examples are available online so you can create the perfect note for your particular situation. Take a look here for more on dr. excuses.

Reason #4: You Are In Love

Maybe this should be reason number 1. The beginning of a relationship is so exciting that you do not want to spend a single minute away from one another. You can bask in one another’s glow for a couple of days when you have a doctor’s notes and the supporting medical slips and forms, indicating that you have been in the hospital for kidney stones. Your handy-dandy note can buy the time you need with your new significant other.